As of February 2024, AI is a new technology surrounded by massive hype, similar to the hype the internet experienced 25 years ago. It is not wise to be swept up by the hype and blindly adopt AI just because everyone is talking about it and arguing that if you don’t adopt it now, it will be too late. However, while the hype around the internet eventually subsided, as we can see now, the internet is universal. Perhaps the situation with AI will be the same; in ten years, it might be everywhere, though no one can say for sure. One way to address this uncertainty is by creating an AI strategy.

AI is a remarkable new technology that has already proven beneficial in many tasks. Our AI consulting provides answers to the question of how we can utilize AI in our organization. Identifying a business need is the absolute fundamental starting point for answering that question. The process proceeds as follows:

  1. once a suitable business case is identified, the requirements needed to solve the case are gathered and mapped to the capabilities of AI.
  2. The required training for the AI is defined, as well as whether the AI will work in a supporting role or independently.
  3. If training of AI is necessary, data availability and quality are determined, along with the training method.
  4. The implementation is outlined and the project is managed as needed.

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