AI strategy and implementation


In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy and implementation workshop, we help you to create AI strategy and concrete deployment plan how to integrate AI into your business processes and systems. We are your guide towards concrete business benefits with those who are responsible for business and its development for example: sales, marketing, operations finance, HR, and IT and company board members. Shortly said workshop is for company leaders who could be impacted by AI implementation.

In AI workshop, we help you leverage the power of AI in developing your business

Topics to be covered within one day workshop

  1. Together we delve into the basics of artificial intelligence and its various use cases in business.
  2. We will explain the current state of AI and envision its potential in the future.
  3. We help you to define clear goals and expectations for the use of artificial intelligence in your business.
  4. We choose possible AI use cases together with you, whether it’s process steps, application, product, service, customer service or communication.
  5. We also consider especially change management but also technological, ethical, and legal perspectives.
  6. We will create a concrete plan for the deployment of AI, including strategy, risk management, and ROI and KPI metrics.
  7. We guide you in choosing the right technologies and tools for efficient implementation of AI.
  8. Creation of initial implementation plan, which includes:
    a) AI strategy and utilization targets.
    b) Risk analytics, preliminary ROI and KPI metrics.
    c) Selection of technologies and tools
    d) Implementation steps including change management actions

Based on these steps, the implementation of AI can be started in your company.


The workshop is fully tailored to your company’s needs. The starting price for a one-day workshop is €2,900 + VAT. Please contact us to get a more precise price for your needs.

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